Making A Difference for Solebury Township


Since I’ve been a solebury townshop supervisor, we have:

  • Made needed improvements to our ambulance/emergency services. We now have true “24/7” advanced life support coverage. This was accomplished by a referendum placed on the ballot by the Board and overwhelmingly approved by the voters.

  • Increased transparency by making audio recordings of all public meeting available on the Township website within 24 hours.

  • Simplified the permitting process. New “Repair and Replacement in Kind” (RRIK) rules our historic districts have already had their intended effect of encouraging residents to do the work needed to keep their properties in good condition—a benefit to both themselves and their neighbors.

  • Passed resolutions strongly opposing fracking and unneeded gas pipelines.

  • Strengthened our excellent police force, hiring our first full-time female officers

  • Reached agreement on a four-year contract with our police department, with reasonable salary increases and a reduction in the township’s health care costs

  • Updated our police headquarters to provide a safer and more efficient base of operations

  • Successfully obtained almost $1.5 million in grant money, allowing us to further develop our parks and trails at reduced cost to our residents.

  • Taken a strong stand against a quarry that has not consistently kept up with its environmental responsibilities.

  • Developed Aquetong Spring Park, restoring its unique cold-water stream, and creating a passive recreation area that is also a sacred site for the Lenni Lenape Nation.

  • Stressed fiscal responsibility in passing balanced budgets each year while maintaining cash reserves sufficient to deal with future emergencies

  • Accomplishing all of the above, while keeping Solebury’s overall tax rate among the lowest of all municipalities in Bucks County

My initiatives moving forward:

  • Introducing a series of open forums, dealing with topics of interest to Solebury residents, starting with land preservation, moving next to recycling, and then to other areas.

  • Continuing our efforts to preserve land, which will provide ongoing aesthetic and financial value tour residents

  • Taking every step we can to protect our water and air, since we cannot count on any help from the federal government. This involves continuing our work to keep out fracking and pipelines, as well as investigating the regulation of the use of plastics.

  • Stressing the foundational concept of sustainability in our Comprehensive Plan when considering proposals for the Route 202 corridor.

  • Continuing to make fiscal responsibility a core consideration in all decisions facing the Township.