Mark will focus on issues that matter to you.

Public safety

The environment

Making Our Government More Accessible

Balanced Development

Fiscal Responsibility

Your Issues

Public Safety

Since I’ve been on the Board, we have:

·        Established true 24/7 advanced life support ambulance/emergency service

·        Added two police officers—Solebury’s first-ever full-time female officers

·        Updated our police headquarters to provide a safer and more efficient base of operations

·        Reduced village speed limits to better protect walkers and bikers

All Solebury residents are aware that the state roads in our Township haven’t been properly maintained, and in many instances are outright dangerous. This is a major initiative of mine for 2019. I have already met with our State Senator, State Representative, and PennDOT officials, and will continue to follow up until the situation has been rectified.

The Environment

Protecting our environment must be a top priority, and is it is painfully obvious that we cannot count on the federal government to be a partner. We must continue to:

·        Oppose fracking and unnecessary gas pipelines

·        Hold to account the quarry that has been slow to live up to its environmental responsibilities

·        Be proactive about recycling and possible plastic regulation

·        Expand our system of parks and trails, taking advantage of grants wherever possible to limit the cost to our residents

·        Consider preserving land, which keeps our Township beautiful, and reduces the need for additional services

Making Our Government More Accessible

·        We will be holding single-topic forums on issues of particular interest to Solebury’s residents. The first two forums are dedicated to land preservation and recycling.

·         The simplification of the permitting process (most recently, the “repair or replacement in kind” rules in our historic districts) will continue.

·        We will continue to provide more information and make more documents available on the Township’s website

Balanced Development

Our Board of Supervisors is working on its vision for the future of the Route 202 corridor. While development can increase the tax base, it can also trigger the need to provide significant additional services and forever alter the nature of the land on which it is placed. Highest priority must be given to our land, water, and air, along with protection from noise pollution and excess traffic.

Fiscal Responsibility

The great bulk of the “line items” in our budget are non-discretionary in nature. Tough decisions must be made in the case of those items which do in fact include at least a modicum of discretion. Since I’ve been a Board member, we have passed balanced budgets each year and maintained substantial cash reserves to protect us in the event of unanticipated emergencies, which—given the realities of climate change—are more and more likely to occur. The reserves also allow us to maintain very strong financial ratings, which reduce costs in the event borrowing is necessary or desirable. There is an expectation among our residents of a high level of Township services and with many living on fixed incomes, there is a need to hold the tax burden to reasonable levels.

With all that we have accomplished in my two years as a Supervisor, our overall tax rate remains among the lowest in Bucks County.

Your Issues

The above are the issues that currently are very important to me. What’s important to you?  As a Supervisor, perhaps my primary job will be to LISTEN to your concerns. We live in a world where too many are talking and not enough are listening—I intend to be a good listener.